Meet Insul-Stud,
the future of framing.

New Technologies

Composite action of all materials creates a stronger, lighter framing member that is more dimensionally stable and uses 40% less lumber than an equivalent 2x6 solid sawn framing member and up to 60% lighter.

Insul-Studcan be used wherever an equivalent sized solid sawn 2x6 framing member is used: studs, jacks, plates, sills, headers, cripples and splines to form a continuous insulated thermal break within the wall cavity.


Engineered to meet the 2021 IECC prescriptive energy code requirements for continuous insulation within the stud cavity, eliminating the need for expensive exterior rigid foam insulation or spray foam.

Eliminates thermal bridging within the wall cavity.

Compatible with all wall cavity insulation types: fiberglass, spray foam, cellulose, etc.

Improved dimensional stability with reduced shrinkage, twisting and warping resulting in fewer nail pops and less waste.

Unique thin web design simplifies installation of plumbing lines and electrical wiring.

40% more energy efficient than a conventional 2x6 stud wall.